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Dates For Your Diary.

Saturday 6th January.
In the Function Room.

Saturday 3rd February.
In the Function Room.

Saturday 3rd March.
In the Function Room.
Buffalo Four

Saturday 7th April.
In the Function Room.

Saturday 5th May.
In the Function Room.
Alpha Place

Saturday 2nd June.
In the Function Room.
The Fire

Saturday 7th July.
In the Function Room.
Kings Contraband

Saturday 10th November.
In the Function Room.
Four Letter Word

All music nights start 9pm.
Admission Free.

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Pictures, Gentlemen's Bustrip July 2014.
Pictures, Easter Party, 2014.
Pictures, Easter Party, 2013.
Pictures, Gentlemen's Bustrip July 2012.
Picture, Gentlemen's Bus Trip 90's.
Pictures, The Big Bird, 1986.
Pictures, The Bar early 80's.
Picture, Snooker presentations 1981.
Picture, Club Football Team presentation 1980.
Picture, Christmas Handicaps 1980.
Picture, Queen of Clubs 1978.
Picture, Darts Team, 1976.
Picture, Marske Machine Company Football Team 1974.
Picture, Tug of War Team, 1973.
Picture, New Marske Juniors, 1973.
Picture, Errington Park Rangers 1970/71.
Picture, Darts Team, 1970.
Picture, Club Football Team, top field, 70's.
Picture, Errington Park Rangers 1968/69.
Picture, Club Committee, 1966.
Picture, Club Football Team around 1957.
Picture, New Marske Entertainment Troupe, 1954.
Jet fighter crashes near New Marske.
Picture, New Marske School Pupils, 1952-53.
Picture, Club Bus Trip 1950's.
Picture, New Marske School Pupils, 1950.
Picture, New Marske Boys Football Team, 1948/49.
Picture, New Marske Sunday School Outing, 1949.
Picture, Cricket Team, 1948.
Picture, New Marske Silver Band, 1947.
The Old New Marske Miner's Institute.
Life at Sea during World War Two.
Picture, Miners Union Parade, 1913.
Picture, Miner's Institute Football Team 1912.
Picture, Miner's Institute Football Team 1898.
Billiards Match 1895.
Pictures, The Old Mine.
Upleatham Mines Pay Slip, 1889.
Poster, Institute opening, 1876.
Local history, Trucky Leng.
Rhyme, The Old Chapel at New Marske.
How far can we see.
Members Profile. Trevor Simmons.

The first edition of Club News was published in May 1990.
Copies of the paper version of this month's Club News are to be found on the clips in our Lounge and Bar.

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